Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Her Favorite Movie

I think Braveheart is kind of overrated frankly.

Introducing Leila Baldo!

Updates will be sporadic in the next month or so as I am gearing up to work on a major project that will hopefully see light of day in late July. I will continue to churn out pages for "Definitely" even if its only two updates a month.

But here's hoping I can keep it up to once a week.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Midget Market

Well, you can buy anything on Craigslist these days...

Introducing Ben Piper!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your Poem....

Back with a new strip. Five pages. Oy, this was a nightmare to tone on Photoshop.

Anywho, this week's "Definitely" features the lovely and talented Gowri Koneswaran, doing a slam poetry performance that my friend Kelley (the girl sitting next to me with dreads and glasses) and I went to in February at Almaz Restaurant in the Washington DC area which was hosted by Sulu DC - a local network for performance art/slam poetry for Asian American artists. You can find out more about them here at their Facebook page.

As for more about Ms. Gowri, you can check her blog where you can also purchase a copy of "Still Beating", her self published book of poetry, and even friend her at Facebook if you want to be updated about her latest performances.

Here's a video of that performance which I captured in comic form.